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Why use K-SPAN System?
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K-Span system mobile roll forming machines are capable of constructing arch buildings and roofs on site, with spans ranging from as narrow as 4m to as wide as 40m. There is no limitation on the length of the building or roof that can be produced.
K-Span system arch roofs can be installed on masonry brick, concrete or steel structures, eliminating the need for a conventional roof support structure.
K-Span system arch buildings and roofs can be adapted to fit existing infrastructure or be considered as a standalone solution for new projects.
K-Span system arch buildings and roofs can be extended at any time after completion offering clients the flexibility to expand infrastructure as the need develops.
Speed and Efficiency
A 10 – 12 man crew, comprising more than 50% locally sourced un-skilled and semi-skilled labour can construct well in excess of 500m2 of under roof space per day (after training). No other steelwork erection contractors are required on site therefore reducing the number of contractors on site.
K-Span system buildings and roofs are well suited for projects requiring quick infrastructure development. Changes to size and quantity of basic buildings can be accommodated at any stage before on-site construction commences with no risk of scrapping material.
Lead Time
The lead time on the K-Span system’s buildings and roofs are limited to the time required for ordering of coil sheet stock material and transport material and mobile factory to construction site.
K-Span arch buildings are constructed on a continuous concrete strip foundation along the length of the building. This construction model fits most soil conditions without the need for backfilling or piling as the comparatively light structural loads of the roofs and walls are uniformly transferred to the foundation through the base of each individual arch panel.
K-Span arch buildings and roofs do not have any critical structural connections. As a result, the buildings are not sensitive to relatively small soil or foundation movement which ultimately means equally robust construction on comparatively smaller (cheaper) foundations.
Shipping and Transport
K-Span system mobile roll forming machines are taken directly to the construction site and the complete arch building or roof is fabricated on site from coiled steel sheet stock material Therefore no shop pre-fabrication or shipping of shop fabricated steelwork is necessary, obviously reducing shipping volume and therefore cost.
K-Span arch buildings and roofs require no portal framework. Therefore no pre-fabrication, painting, assembly or bolting is required.
K-Span arch building requires limited working at heights. Therefore in most cases no or limited quantity of scaffolding is required.
K-Span system arch buildings and roofs do not require any waterproofing. Individual arch sections are seamed together using an electric seaming machine to create a waterproof joint. No bolting or screws are used in the erection of site fabricated arch panels.
K-Span system arch buildings are less expensive to insulate for thermal, acoustic or fire protection when compared to conventional portal frame buildings. Insulation methods such as double skin (air gap), spray foam or bulk insulation methods applied standalone or a combination thereof can therefore be economically used.
K-Span arch buildings and roofs are substantially cheaper considering civil foundations, supply and erection cost and time compared to similar sized conventionally clad, portal frame buildings.
K-Span arch buildings require very little maintenance and have no attachment screws which may need sealing in future. The choice of colour and material grade can be closely matched with aesthetics and environmental requirements to offer long term no maintenance solutions.
K-Span arch buildings and roofs are easy to demolish without the need for heavy lift equipment and major scaffolding.
K-Span buildings and roofs is well suited to be used in areas with a potential of high loading due to wind, rain, hail or snow. This is due to the arch shape offering excellent drainage and being subject to lower wind forces.
K-Span arch buildings are inherently fire-safe due to the basic design having no critical structural connections and inherent flexibility for unrestricted expansion. The seamed joints also offer high degree of positive sealing limiting air ingress and toxic smoke leaks.
Due to the entire structure being manufactured from thin gauge steel it is 100% recyclable